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R E A D Y  to W E D

Serendipity has a wonderful selection of "ready to wed" gowns that are in shop and ready to go home same day! These styles are perfect for bridal on a budget, or brides on a tighter timeline, which can be considered less than six months from the wedding day. Here are some frequently asked questions, as well as our off-rack inventory to take a look!

What does "ready-to-wed" mean?

Serendipity's "Ready-to-Wed" selection consists of off-rack styles that were previous sample gowns and are no longer able to be re-ordered in different sizes or colors. Since they were previously used as samples, they are marked down to reflect gentle wear, and the price accommodates a cleaning if needed but otherwise sold as-is.

What are the sizes for "Ready-to-Wed" gowns?

Majority of our samples range between size 10-16 bridal, which typically work for street size 8-14. However, we do have some options outside of this as well! Like any bridal gown, alterations are still recommended in order to ensure the perfect fit. Alterations can generally take in a dress a few sizes, however it is more difficult to let out a dress that is too small, if possible at all. If there is any concern regarding sizing, we recommend scheduling time with our alterations specialist prior to purchasing.

What is the price range?

All off-rack gowns are priced below $1,000 depending on the style, size and condition of the gown. Please contact us with any questions regarding specific pricing on the inventory below.

Do I need an appointment?

In order to provide the best experience, Serendipity does require an appointment to browse our selections, including off-rack. Brides are able to book a two-hour Bridal Consultation online.

Can I place a hold on a dress?

We are able to reserve a ready-to-wed gown for up to a week, as long as an alterations consultation is scheduled within that timeframe. Otherwise, if you think you've found the one, we recommend purchasing same day to ensure it's yours!

What is the buying process?

We are able to reserve a dress with a non-refundable 50% deposit, however payment is due in full in order to take the dress home same day. All sales are final, and dresses are sold as-is.

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Ready-to-Wed Selection
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